Dave Darr with one eye completed

"David Darr, a good friend, said he was saving for the day he could have me paint his portrait. I immediately offered a suggestion to enable him to enjoy the painting while it was in progress.

I said 'I'l be happy to paint you, but let's do it this way. WHen you save enough money, say for an eye or your nose, pay for it and I'll paint that portion of your face. Take it home, enjoy it and, when you save enough for another feature, bring it back and I'll paint that.'

As you see, he chose an eye for the first sitting. He hopes to have his nose finished by his next birthday.

I warned him not to prolong the sittings. At his age, features change rapidly and, if there's too long a period between visits, his nose might not match his ears or eyes."

Dave Darr with one eye completed
© 2013 Deborah King